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Financial assistance


If you think you might not be able to cover your bills and mortgage payments in the future, it’s important to know your options.






Causes of financial difficulties

Borrowers can find themselves in financial difficulty for various reasons
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Medical issues

Illness or permanent disability

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Financial changes

Loss of income or job, unexpected expenses

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Family matters

Separation, divorce, or carer obligations

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Economic changes

Rising interest rates, increasing inflation, rises in the cost of living

Are you experiencing any of the above?


Regardless of the financial difficulties, there are ways to get you back on track

How we can help


Going through financial difficulties is stressful, especially if you’re not sure of your options.


We’ve been helping individuals and businesses manage their financial journey since 2012. With expertise in a wide range of assets including residential and commercial loans, our supportive team is here to help you better understand your situation and make informed decisions about your financial future.


When you let us know your circumstances, we can suggest the best approach to help you move forward, so you can take control of your finances sooner.


Need help? Explore your options

icon - mortgage on my home

I have a mortgage on my home

If you need assistance with the loan on the home you live in, see how we can help.

icon - mortgage on rental property

I have a mortgage on my rental property

If you’re having difficulties paying your mortgage on your investment property, see how we can help.

icon - commercial loan

I have a commercial loan

If you need help with your business loan, see how we can help.

Consumer Loans

Pepper does not currently offer consumer loans in Ireland. However, we service some consumer loans on behalf of third parties that own the loans. While the owner may not be a regulated entity, Pepper is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to service consumer loans. If you have a general query about your loan or are in or concerned about financial difficulties, please contact us at 0818 818 181.


1. Complete an Income and Expenditure form:

We may ask you to complete an Income and Expenditure form (I&E) to get a detailed understanding of your finances.

It is helpful to gather all your relevant information, including bills, receipts, and documents, before you fill in your I&E. It is important to include your basic living expenses. Completing one of these forms is useful as it may help you to think of ways to reduce or cut your spending and expenses. The I&E should be filled out fully and accurately.


2. Speak to us:

The Arrears Support Unit (ASU) responsible for your loan can help you complete the I&E. We can provide help over the phone. If you would prefer to meet in person, we will arrange a meeting in our offices, or another location that is convenient to us both. We prefer to meet in a Pepper office as this provides a secure and private environment for everyone, and we can do this in person or over video call. You may wish to bring a trusted adviser or accountant with you if you feel this would be useful. Contact us in advance if you wish to have a third party attend the meeting with you. Please contact us at 0818 818 181.


Independent advice:

You may prefer to seek independent advice from your financial advisor or from MABS (the Money Advice and Budgeting Service). MABS is a national, free, confidential, and independent advice service for people in debt difficulties or in danger of getting into debt difficulties. The Useful Contacts section provides details on MABS and other useful contacts.


Supporting documents

We may also ask you to provide additional documents so that we can fully assess your situation.



Understanding your finances


Understanding your income and expenses and having a budget in place is always useful, especially when times are challenging.

Use the MABS My Budget tool

There are many tools out there that can help you with preparing a budget, but if you need help consider reaching out to the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS). It provides free and independent expert advice – and it’s confidential.


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Preparing for a confidential discussion


The more information we have about your circumstances, the better we can help. During our confidential discussion we may ask for information about your:

  • Personal circumstances
  • Current mortgage
  • Income and expenses
  • Other debts
  • Other properties and assets
Please have these ready for the call.

Ready to chat?