Financial difficulties can arise for various reasons


These can include: 

  • Medical Issues such as illness or permanent disability

  • Financial changes including loss of income or unexpected expenses, or the loss of a job
  • Family matters such as separation, divorce or career obligations
  • Economic changes including rising interest rates, increasing inflation or cost of living

Customer experiences


Whilst everyone’s situation is different, some of these experiences may sound familiar.  The best way to tackle financial difficulty, is to deal with it as soon as possible.


Ciara's story

Reduced working hours


Ciara never had any money concerns until her work hours and salary was reduced. This caused her to struggle to meet her mortgage repayments.


Ciara read about the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) online and called us to find out more about it.


Our customer service agent explained the process and offered help to complete a Standard Financial Statement (SFS).  Following receipt of the completed SFS, Pepper reviewed Ciara’s financial circumstances and came to an arrangement which allowed her to make reduced monthly repayments for a period until her situation improved. 


If you have missed a payment or think that you will, you should fill out an SFS as soon as possible. You can find more information here.

Gary & Sarah’s story

Marriage separation


Gary and Sarah had a joint mortgage but the relationship broke down and Gary was no longer living in the family home.  Their mortgage went into arrears due to the reduced household income.


They each completed a Standard Financial Statement (SFS) online and returned it to us. Following a review of their financial circumstances Pepper offered a term extension which meant that whilst it would take them longer to pay off the mortgage, it allowed them time to get back on track. 


If you have missed repayments and are unable to catch up, you should complete an SFS as soon as you can. You can find more information here.

Michael’s story

Buy-to-let property


Michael has a Buy To Let (BLT) property however his tenant moved out and the property is now vacant.  He needed to complete some repairs before the property could be rented out again, which meant he was not collecting rent. This was affecting his ability to make the mortgage repayments.


Michael contacted Pepper and our customer service agent was able to discuss possible options with him.


If you are having difficulty meeting your repayments, you should complete an Income & Expenditure form as soon as you can. You can find more information here.

Regardless of the reason for the financial difficulties, there are ways to get back on track


Please get in touch and once we know your circumstances, we can suggest the best approach to help you move forward, so that you can take control of your finances sooner.

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If you need assistance with the loan on the home you live in, see how we can help.

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If you’re having difficulties paying your mortgage on your investment property, see how we can help.

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Preparing for a confidential discussion


The more information we have about your circumstances, the better we can help. During our confidential discussion we may ask for information about your:

  • Personal circumstances
  • Current mortgage
  • Income and expenses
  • Other debts
  • Other properties and assets
Please have these ready for the call.

Ready to chat? 

Understanding your finances


Understanding your income and expenses and having a budget in place is always useful, especially when times are challenging.

Use the MABS My Budget tool

There are many tools out there that can help you with preparing a budget, but if you need help consider reaching out to the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS). It provides free and independent expert advice – and it’s confidential.


Independent advice

It is important to seek appropriate independent legal and/or financial advice. One option is to contact MABS (Money Advice & Budgeting Service). MABS is a national, free, confidential and independent advice service for people in debt difficulties.  You can contact them at, or call their helpline on 0818 07 2000, Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm. 


Abhaile is a service available through MABS to help homeowners find a resolution to home mortgage

arrears. It provides free confidential and independent financial and legal advice and help from experts.


You can find out more about this service by contacting MABS on their helpline 0818 07 2000, Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm or alternatively you can visit our Forms and Documents section for further information. 


Further information on additional supports that may be available to you are outlined under Useful Contacts on our website.