Shoreline Residential DAC (Shoreline) purchased a portfolio of mortgage and personal loans from Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited. Shoreline appointed Pepper to service this portfolio from 25 August 2014. While Shoreline is not a regulated entity, Pepper is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to undertake credit servicing.

Do you have a general query?
Please call us on 1890 303 704 if you have a Shoreline loan and would like to speak to Pepper’s Shoreline team in relation to it.

Has your financial situation changed?
Please call our Arrears Support Unit on 1890 303 704 if your financial situation has changed and you are struggling to meet your mortgage payments or think you are at risk of falling behind on these payments. We will work with you to try to find a solution.

You can also write to us at: Pepper Asset Servicing – Shoreline, PO Box 691, Shannon, Co. Clare. 

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